Wraiths from Supernatural

The wraith is a vague term that describes a ghostly creature, a spirit of another world, or more generally a mysterious being to be feared.

Wraiths are relatively easy creatures to kill mainly because of there extreme weakness to silver. However when a wraith touches his victim, he or she becomes infected with a kind of venom that makes him or her slowly insane. The victim starts seeing things and has outbursts related to inner problems. Whenever the wraith is killed the venom has no longer effect.

A wraith feeds on brainfluids witch it can extract through a spike which is located in its wirsts. It can use it as a weapon but it breaks rather easly so it would be kind of stupid.
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The wraith is a humanoid creature with a rotten face. Because a wraith can blend in by looking like a normal person, the only way to spot a wraith is to put it in front of a mirror so its real face can be seen.

The best survival place for a wraith would be a insane asylum. The brains are more "delicious and sooked in dopamine". Because no one believes a crazy person, the wraith can kill and suck everyone dry without being discovered when someone tells they have seen a monster.


The classic depiction of a wraith is identical to the image of a tall, humanoid figure shrouded in a black cloak, under which no face can be seen, though a hand protrudes and long, sharp fingers.

The wraith is a being of power, controlled by a greater spirit to do the creatures will. These creatures are shadows, floating amongst our realm with no purpose but that of their masters. They feed on humans, their emotions and their own strength, without these they would cease to exist. Information considering their lesser-known qualities is difficult to obtain.


As other supernatural creatures, wraiths can look like typical humans. However, their real faces can be seen, and recognized as wraiths, when they are reflected on a mirror. Their true form is that of a humanoid creature with a rotten face.


Episode Inducing: Wraiths possess an abilit
y to infect people through physical contact, and make them psychologically unstable so they can suffer from severe hallucinations and episodes related to their inner problems. The victims slowly become more and more unstable, and depending on the victim, their inner problems will begin to surface as realistic hallucinations. However, when the wraith is killed, the venom has no longer effect.

Spike: Can feed on a person's brains through an organic spike that extends from their wrist.


Wraiths are relatively easy creatures to kill, mainly because of their extreme weakness to silver.

Silver: Piercing a wraith through the heart with silver will kill it.

Mirrors: A wraith's true form is revealed in a mirror.