A hybrid would be deadlier than any werewolf or vampire. Nature would not stand for such an imbalance of power. Therefore the witches, the servants of Nature, saw to it that my brother's werewolf side would become dormant.
Elijah talking about Klaus
The originals klaus

The Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid is the most common type of crossbred creature in relation to others that trace their heredity to vampires or werewolves. Like all such hybrids, they inherit the combined strength of both of their parent species as well as developing certain immunities(like silver,stakes and sunlight).

Because of their heightened strength as well as the historical enmity between vampires and werewolves, this particular breed of hybrid is regarded as both an imbalance of power within nature and an abomination. As such, they are an endangered species with few surviving specimens.

Despite their disadvantage in numbers, these hybrids are particularly difficult to hunt due to their superior physical ability and savagery. Their relative obscurity as a species is further to their benefit, as most professional cryptid hunters don't even know of their existence.

Background Edit

The first hybrid was created when a witch called Esther Mikaelson turned her children and her husband in to Original Vampires (the first vampires). One of her children wasn't her husband's ,Mikael, son (due to an affair) and he was called Niklaus. When he triggered his werewolf gene (when he took a human's life after he became an Original Vampire) he became an Original Hybrid. He was later cursed by his mother which then suppressed his werewolf side. He later killed her. 1500 years later, he undid the curse by killing a werewolf, vampire and draining a doppelganger of blood under the full moon. He could make hybrids by giving werewolves his blood and then snapping their neck. At first the hybrids failed to transition but that was because the doppelganger was still alive so he had to create doppelgangers with her blood. His first successful hybrid was Tyler Lockwood. He then had a child called Hope Mikaelson who was a tribrid and she was nature's loophole who inherited her mum (Hayley Marshall-Kenner) and dad's werewolf heritage, her dad's vampire side and her grandma's witch side.

Klaus is also a known hybrid he is the strongest of them all

Description Edit

Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the powers and abilities of both werewolves and non-original vampires, both physically enhanced powers and abilities of mind compulsion. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids will grow stronger with age due to their vampirism and will also increase in strength when enraged, due to their werewolf side. Their strength will also increase during a full moon.

Super Strength: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are stronger than Werewolves, Evolved Werewolves, non-original Vampires, Supernatural Hunters, Immortals and Humans. Due to their vampire side, they also get stronger with age. The full moon will boost their strength and aggression. Older non-original vampires may be stronger and more challenging for many newborn non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids. However, if a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid fights a non-original vampire closer to their age range, the non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid will win. Ray Sutton (a dying transitioning, unsuccessful non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid) was shown to be very strong and nearly killed Damon, a non-original vampire more than 170 years old, until Stefan saved him. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are even capable of putting up a fight against non-original vampires well above their age range as seen when Tyler was able to gain the upper hand and bite Nadia, a 500 year old non-original vampire. It should be noted that Nadia did manage to overpower Tyler eventually and escape, implying that she had equal or slightly superior strength. Julian, while possessing Tyler's body, was able to fend off both Caroline and Stefan and even managed to kill the latter through heart extraction. A non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid in werewolf-form will be immensely powerful and may be a slight challenge for even an original vampire.This is shown when Klaus could fight his adopted son Marcel Gerard (an Uprgraded Original Vampire) and keep his guard).

Super Speed: A non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid's intensified quickness, agility, reflexes, and endurance makes them faster than any werewolves, evolved werewolves, non-original vampires, supernatural hunters, immortals and humans. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can use this ability in human or werewolf form. As with strength, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids get faster with time. The full moon will increases their speed and being in werewolf form will make them even faster. Tyler was particularly fast as a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid, being fast enough to surprise Klaus and stake him.

Super Agility: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids possesses much more superhuman stamina, flexibility, reflexes, agility and dexterity than immortals, non-original vampires, werewolves, evolved werewolves and humans. They can move, jump, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion.

Super Senses: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have extremely keen senses of hearing, sight, touch, and smell that exceed those of non-original vampires, werewolves, evolved werewolves, and humans. Since they're a supernatural crossbreed between werewolves and non-original vampires, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the combined senses of both species thus making their ability extremely effective, Tyler Lockwood has been seen to use his super senses on multiple occasions such as when he overheard Katherine (in Elena's body) say that Caroline slept with Klaus or when he was able to hear Nadia compelling Matt but a prime example of this ability is in "Home", when Tyler is resurrected and hugs Caroline but then he tells her that it felt different, because he was no longer a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid.

Super Durability: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can bear a lot of trauma. They also hardly ever get tired or fatigued. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can take far more trauma than any non-original vampires, werewolves, evolved werewolves and humans, without much discomfort or injury. Stakes and arrows can not kill a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid when they are struck in the heart, they merely become unconscious, they are able to resist the bullets created by The Brotherhood better than non-original vampires as Stefan said to Tyler, that if he was a normal vampire he would be dead.

Enhanced Healing Factor: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the combined healing capabilities of both non-original vampires and werewolves, rendering them practically invincible to anything but fatal wounds that can seriously impair their healing capabilities like decapitation or heart-extraction. They can recover/heal/regenerate from any injury much quicker and more effectively than any non-original vampires, werewolves, evolved werewolves and humans. They also seems to heal much more quickly when exposed to vervain, wolfsbane, or wood. Human blood has also known to make the healing process faster.

Immortality: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids stops aging the moment they transition. They become immune to all conventional diseases, toxins, poisons, viruses, illness, infections, and injuries.

Day Walking: Due to their werewolf heritage, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are immune to the lethal effects that u.v. rays and sunlight have on non-original vampires and original vampires. Allowing them to walk in daylight without the use of a day ring.

Emotional Control: Due to their vampire heritage, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are able to exert certain control over their own emotions, e.g. They can turn off their humanity.

Enhanced Emotions: Because of their vampiric and werewolf traits, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids experience emotions more powerfully than humans and non-original vampires. Particularly emotions such as anger, rage, aggression and violence due to their werewolf heritage. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are more prone to violence and rage than non-original vampires. However, emotions such as love, joy, and happiness are intensified for them as well, allowing them to live life more intensely. This ability allows them to feel emotions at their peak regardless of their age.

Lycanthrope Enhancement: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids are capable of using their werewolf features to further supplement their powers and abilities. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can grow claws from their nails and werewolf fangs from their teeth even when they are still in their human forms. When Klaus was in Tyler's body, it was shown that a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid's claws are sharp enough to penetrate a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid's very durable skin. Also non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can display both sets of vampire and werewolf fangs. Their eyes also change into those of their werewolf form, presumably granting them better eyesight. Due to their werewolf heritage, a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid's strength and speed are heightened further during a full moon and at its peak in their werewolf forms.

Mind Compulsion: A non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid can compel the minds of Humans. They cannot, however, compel original vampires, non-original vampires, Supernatural Hunters, Witches or Werewolves.

Shapeshifting/Transformation Control: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the ability to transform into their werewolf forms at will. Most of them avoid transforming at all due to the pain it causes. They have complete awareness, but they still, however, have no control of their actions in werewolf form. They can also perform partial transformations, manifesting single features of their werewolf forms. Elijah informs Klaus that he remained a werewolf for two days, even when the sun was up. Showing that a Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid can stay in werewolf form longer than a normal werewolf. As seen with Klaus when he bit Katherine, a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid can transform partially, displaying their werewolf eyes and teeth.

Sire Bond: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids seem to be sired to the source of their creation. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids turned by Klaus had a deep sense of gratitude and commitment to him causing them to obey his every command. When Hope Mikaelson's blood was used to turn a werewolf into a non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid it obeyed Hayley's plea for help as she was still pregnant with Hope and in danger. It is later revealed that Hope's blood like Klaus' carries a powerful sire bond effect causing any non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid created from her blood to protect and obey her. A non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid is capable of breaking a sire bond, if they transforms into their werewolf forms an excess of 100 times in a row. Transforming so many times in a row causes them to no longer feel pain from transforming into a werewolf and they no longer feel a sense of gratitude, commitment or loyalty to their creator breaking the sire bond. Like non-original vampires/original vampires, non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can form a sire bond if the human they turn into a vampire has feelings for them before being turned. Although like non-original vampires/original vampires, this is extremely rare.

Telepathy: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the ability, albeit a weak variant, to enter the minds of others as long as theirs is stronger than them. Normally, this ability works in a tactile fashion and the non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid requires physical contact in order for it to work successfully. Hayley have also been shown sharing her memories with others. Like their physical attributes, their mental strength increases with age.

Dream Manipulation: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids can control dreams and subconscious like non-original vampires/original vampires. They can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and trapped in the dreams.

Illusions: Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids have the power to trick the minds of others into seeing/feeling things that aren't actually happening.

Werewolf Bite: Due to their werewolf heritage, Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids and Klaus have venom which is fatal to non-original vampires and they themselves are immune to werewolf venom. Non-original werewolf-vampire hybrid venom seem to take effect much faster than a normal werewolf venom.

Immunity to Silver: Due to their werewolf heritage, magic bonded to silver doesn't affect non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids. Weapons made of silver might wound them, but the wound heals at super-normal rates than regular wounds.

Original hybrid immunity to Upraded Original Vampire Venom- Due to Klaus being the Orignal Hybrid he could not die from Marcel's bite but it will weaken him like a werewolf bite on an Original Vampire.

Known Werewolf-Vampire Hybrids Edit

  • Niklaus Mikaelson (Vampire Diaries and The Originals)
  • Tyler Lockwood (Vampire Diaries and The Originals)
  • Hayley Marshall-Kenner (The Originals)
  • Hope Mikaelson (The Originals and Legacies)
  • Nina Price (Marvel)
  • Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Werewolf alpha turned after being impregnated by a hybrid.