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Superhuman Strength - often shortened to "Super Strength" - is the ability of one's muscles to lift weights and exert force beyond what is physically possible in the human body. This power is exceptionally common among paranormal beings and creatures; often used as a means to gauge the entity's overall power. Predatory creatures are innately much stronger than humans while more eldritch or ethereal beings can exert overwhelming amounts of physical power.


  • Vast Superhuman Strength - Bending steel, iron or metal objects in one's bare hands. Lifting grown humans in the air with one hand with ease. Holding back fully accelerating vehicles with both hands. Bending or breaking guns in half. Pulling doors off of their hinges. Punching thru brick walls. Punching a grown man with one punch, making them fly back several feet and knocking them unconscious. Punching all the way thru a grown mans chest or stomach. Easily overpowering multiple grown men at once. Being able to move, carry, exert or lift several tons of weight, mass or force.
  • Incredible Superhuman Strength - Lifting objects hundreds of times one's own weight, such as cars, trucks and vans with ease. Sending grown humans flying back in the air hundreds of feet with the slightest touch. Having an unbreakable grip. Punching thru reinforced steel doors. Throwing a human into orbit.
  • Incalculable Superhuman Strength - Lifting, carrying or exerting large vehicles, firetrucks, semi-trucks, buses, planes, cargo planes, ships, tanks, houses, buildings, towers, skyscrapers, and mountains.
  • Infinite Superhuman Strength - Shattering a planet with a punch. Being able to move, exert, lift or carry entire planets. Break, kill or destroy indestructible beings and objects. Being able to overpower any being. Being able to move, carry, exert or lift millions/billions/trillions of tons of force and mass, being able to life, carry, move or exert an infinite amount of force and mass.


  • God - God gives his vessel unlimited physical strength.
  • Angels - The supernatural presence of an angel within a vessel enhances said vessels's physical strength to superhuman. All angels are stronger than demons, vampires, werewolves, monsters, alphas, deities, demigods, and ghosts. Angels are nowhere near as strong as Archangels, and they are slightly not as strong as leviathans.
  • Archangels - Archangels within their vessels or outside of their vessels possess incalculable levels of superhuman strength, and has the unimaginable levels of superhuman strength to be able to lift, carry or exert trillions of tons of force and mass. They can move, lift, exert or shatter entire planets. Destroy indestructible beings and objects. Their strength is unlimited, and they have the strength to lift, exert or carry absolutely anything no matter the force or mass. Archangels are significantly much stronger than virtually every being in the whole universe, except for God, Death and the Darkness.
  • Demons - Demons have high levels of superhuman strength and are much stronger than humans, vampires, werewolves, most monsters, and most ghosts.
  • Monsters - Vampires grow stronger with age to the point that at the very beginning after their transitioning into a newborn vampire their physical strength is that of 10 men.
  • Extraterrestrials - Many extraterrestrial species have shown superior physical strength compared to humans.