The Phoenix is a medium-sized bird, as well as a supernatural being that can burst into flames at will. The

lifespan of this bird is 500 [ minimum ] yet can up to 1000 or so. The Phoenix is as well as one of the

strongest beings ever, probably the fact that fire is the second strongest element.

Powers & abilities Edit

- Fire control/ Pyrokinesis Edit

Phoenixes can control fire, and are immune to fire.

-Longevity fat Edit

These birds live longer than most creatures.They can reach to live 500 years, regenerating when dying.

- Rebirth Edit

The phoenix can revive from the dead by it's ashes.

- Transformation Edit

A phoenix can transform into a human, and probably other animals too.

- Healing Edit

One tear of a Phoenix is said to heal any animal or supernatural being.

- Regeneration Edit

If an organ, body part, etc of a Phoenix is damaged they can easily heal themselves and live another day.

The weaknesses of a Phoenix Edit

As I said a while ago, the Phoenix is one of the strongest supernatural beings, yet like everything, they have


- Adfecto Edit

It weakens the bird and makes it easier to kill.

-Witchcraft Edit

I am not so sure what happens, but it might kill the Phoenix for another 1,000 years.

I bet you expected water to be a Phoenix's weakness, didn't you? well, I am actually not sure if it is.

Diet Edit

phoenix eat flamed stuff 🤯😱

Personality Edit

The personality of a Phoenix makes it safe to see one, if they existed.

They are really adventurous, intelligent, kind, and really nice. These birds are also magestic and beautiful, and only one Phoenix feather can light up a huge room!

[ More soon? ]

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