Jake Gray is a college student living at home with his father, working at a computer repair shop and apparently struggling with the decision to play baseball for the school.

His mother, having been paralyzed from a car accident, is in nursing home. Jake is a good kid, but has troubling thoughts and suffers from horrible “waking nightmares” as he refers them to. The movie opens up with Jake hunting in the woods. He shoots and kills a mountain lion as he guts the animal he hears what sounds like a crying baby. He follows the cries to a deserted cabin where a naked woman cries on the floor as he approaches her she suddenly turns around and sticks a snake on his neck.

At his job is where we first meet Marisol, who is need of help with her laptop. Jake fixes it for her and tells her it’s on the house. His boss is not pleased and eventually fires him because the dude is a jerk


Precognition: Jake has been experiencing horrific waking nightmares.