In European medieval legend, an Incubus, also called a Nightmare, is a male demon supposed to lie upon sleeping women in order to have sexual intercourse with them. They are also believed to do this in order to spawn other Incubi. The male counterpart of the Succubus.


Due to their shapeshifting abilities, the appearance of an Incubus is often varied. Some like to take a more human appearance, while others retain a fully demonic mien. Some even combine the two. However, no matter how their appearance changes, an Incubus is always handsome and physically appealing. Most Incubi are highly attractive.


An Incubus spends most of his time seducing human females and feeding on the sexual ecstasy caused. Notoriously lazy, an Incubus will spend most of the rest of his time lounging somewhere comfortable until they feel the desire for another tryst with some helpless female (for pleasure or sustenance). Like the Succubi they are very self-centered and manipulative. However, while the succubi use those talents to further schemes, Incubi prefer to just use those talents for personal pleasure, such as setting their female servants against each other. Of the few things an Incubus takes serious, perhaps most notable is a strong dislike for other males (even sometimes other Incubi).

Powers & Abilities Edit

Like their children, the Cambions, an Incubus always seems supernaturally attractive and charming. However, Incubi are to Cambions what Cambions are to the socially inept. Due to adept perception of what a female finds attractive and charming, few members of the opposite sex can resist their charms, fewer still would want to. In addition, the older Incubi are capable of transforming into Succubi to reproduce, through a process very different from that of a human.

  • Dreamwalking - They will often visit the same victim repeatedly. A victim of an Incubi will experience the visits as dreams.
  • Soul Consumption - Incubus feeds on the energy, health and life-force of others and gain their own souls of men/woman by having sex with them while they are asleep.
  • Immortality - They live indefininetly, and can't be killed through conventional means.
  • Superhuman Strength - They can overpower their human victims with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed - They can move faster than a speeding bullet, faster than the eye can see, able to appear and disappear in an instant.
  • Demonic Possession - Incubi take possession of young mens. 
  • Shapeshifting - Unlike most demon, Incubus do not need to possess a human to become physical or to be active on Earth. Incubi can make ther own body at will and can appear as any beautiful men they choose to. They tend to take on the form of the men that their prey desire the most.
  • Telepathy - Incubi can read people's minds so that they can transform into the type of men their prey desires the most. 
  • Seduction - Incubi have power to seduce their prey and compel them to love them, similar to Sirens.
  • Flight - They have unique ability to defy gravity and move towards anywhere in the air.
  • Intangibility - Bullets pass through them with no affect.
  • Healing Factor - They fully heal from most wounds, including stabs and gunshots.


  • Starvation
  • Holy Icons
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