Vital statistics
Title Living Dead
Gender Male & Female
Race Spirits
Faction Various
Health Medium
Level Low
Status Active
Location Spirit World

A ghost is a non-corporeal manifestation of a dead person (or, rarely, an animal or a vehicle). It is often thought to be a manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person which has remained on Earth after death. According to some beliefs, a ghost may be the personality of a person after their death, and not directly tied to the soul or spirit. Every culture in the world carries stories about ghosts, though they often disagree as to what ghosts are and whether they are just figments of imagination or a part of reality.


  • Teleportation: Ghosts can teleport to other locations. Usually this is followed by a flickering light.
  • Superhuman Strength: They are also much stronger than they were when they were humans.
  • Telekinesis: They are able to move virtually anything with their minds.
  • Invisibility: They remain invisible to the living. Unless they want to be seen, that is.
  • Intangibility: They can also phase through solid matter.
  • Area Manipulation: Powerful Ghosts can manipulate the area(s) they are haunting.
  • Death Inducement: Some are powerful enough to kill someone by scaring them to death.
  • Fear Inducement: They are also capable of causing someone to feel bone-chilling fear.
  • Cryokinesis: The presence of a Ghost is usually followed by a drop in temperature.
  • Possession: Ghosts can possess humans, but it's rare. Only a really angry ghost would do that.
  • Immortality:Ghosts already being dead are all most ageless

They are also skilled at whatever they did during their lives.


Repellants - Hunters have few methods to repel ghosts:

  • Salt - Ghosts can be repelled by salt and a salt-line will create a barrier. Some hunters use rock salt rounds to dissipate ghosts by blasting them with it. Salt is also useful whenever a ghost is possessing a human. Feeding salt in the mouth of the person a ghost is possessing will cause the ghost great pain and force the ghost out and free the human from the ghost's control.
  • Iron - Like salt, iron keeps spirits at bay. Some hunters use an iron crowbar or fire poker. Contact with it will dissipate a ghost for a couple of minutes.
  • Magic - Like all creatures in the universe, Ghosts are susceptible to the powers of magic and witchcraft, which can be used to banish them or get them to move on.
    • Voodoo - Voodoo can be used to stop ghosts, and keep them under control. However, this is not a solution and is merely a preventive measure. As such it will stop working eventually.

Putting a Ghost to Rest - There are generally four ways to permanently defeat a ghost by putting them to rest:

  • Salting and Burning the Bones - The best and most common method to put a ghost to rest. Digging up a ghost's remains and salting and burning the bones will help the spirit to cross over to the next life. When a ghost's bones are successfully salted and burned, it will go up in flames. This method is used for violent and vengeful spirits.
  • Destroying the Haunted Object - Salting and burning the object the ghost is using to stay active in the human world will put a ghost to rest if there are no bones to burn, or if they consider the object to be extensions or remains of the spirit.
  • Resolving the ghost's issues - Helping a ghost to resolve its issues can put it to rest. This method is rare but is used to help benevolent spirits find peace.
  • Witches - Some Witches have knowledge of certain spells that put Ghosts to rest and, as stated above, all creatuses are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft.


  • Overstraining - If a ghost is too weak, and/or overstretches its abilities, it can stop them for a while until they recover. Bobby described this like being out cold.


Known Ghosts from TV showsEdit

  • Sally Malik (Being Human)
  • Sam Wheat (Ghost)
  • Katie Harwood (Ghost Ship)
  • Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)