The Elementals by valeriapaes

Elementals are those mystical creatures that dwell within the spirit forces of the elements, watched over and controlled by the Lords of the Watchtowers (the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, or the Guardians). Elementals can be related to “nature spirits” and the old favorite, ever written about “witches’ familiar”. These are the spirits that govern all nature, the “forces of life” that may be summoned to assist in working magic. It’s important therefore that we understand “who they are” and “what they represent”. spirits of Earth, spirits of Air, spirits of Fire, and spirits of Water .



Keepers of the Earth, they resemble stones and rocks in the texture of their skin. Although they may appear to be somewhat human in appearance as well, they move very slowly and smash their targets into bits. Earth Elementals have the power to direct earthquakes into various places.


Air: Keepers of the Sky, they can sometimes appear as cloud-like beings, swift and semi-transparent. They can direct the paths of wind storms and tornadoes in order to destroy targets.

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Keepers of the Flame. They can direct fire to shoot and spread anywhere with one flick of their fiery wrists. They sometimes appear within flickering flames, from where they watch the escapades of human beings.



Water: Keepers of the Sea. They direct waves, hurricanes and whirlpools, causing the energy of water to abide by their will. They can often be seen within a rocking sea, frolicking among the foamy waves.