Tempter Demon

A demon known as a Tempter, as seen in Season 12 of Supernatural. Hailing from an alternate Earth, Tempter demons are horned, bestial abominations noticeably more aggressive than most other known demons. They are the first demons with bodily mutation beyond a change in eye color.

Demons are spirits of otherworldly origins which usually dwell in dark or chaotic dimensions where the souls of the lost or the sinful are held to forever exclude them from peace. Most commonly, demons are believed to dwell in Hell or the Underworld and are ruled over by Lucifer.

Traditional concepts of demons regard them as the torturers of the souls held within their domain. Other concepts depict them as tempters who make deals of power or fortune with humans in exchange for their souls, often leading them to paths of witchcraft. Both concepts are true.

In addition to their duties as torturers and tempters, demons serve as soldiers and emissaries to whichever power commands them. For example, Lucifer leads Hell's legions as his army against God; while witches and occultists may conjure forth lesser demons as familiars or guards.

Demonic Possession Edit

Spn demonic possession

A demon's essence leaving one body and entering another, as seen in Season 8 of Supernatural. Demons in their native form manifest as sulfurous black smoke which let off the sound of a thousand flies buzzing at once. Their true voices have been described as "cancer with a voice."

Demons in their native world are disembodied; creatures of pure consciousness, thought, and memory with no physical presence with which to experience the world or manifest their powers. As such, upon leaving the netherworld, demons instinctively search for a living body to steal.

Symptoms Edit

  • Inhuman Strength; Upon entering a vessel, demons augment the raw strength of their host significantly; able to throw grown men with the slightest touch and lift cars easily. Demons are noticeably stronger than most paranormal creatures, with a few exceptions being among the eldritch or celestials.
  • Dead Tongues; Demons are fluent in their own written and spoken language. However, when they either attempt or are compelled to speak it through the mouths of those they have possessed, it usually comes across as a crooked form of various obsolete languages such as Latin, Aramaic, or Sumerian.
  • Injury Resistance; Similar to their enhanced strength, a possessing demon also increases the injury threshold of its host; keeping the body together and alive through sheer force of will. However, demons cannot truly heal their vessels; if injured severely, the victim will die upon being exorcised.
  • Ambient Levitation;
  • Over-Dilated Pupils;
  • Necrophiliac Tendencies;
  • Arrested Aging; Interestingly, upon being possessed, the demon's victim stops aging; rendering them effectively immortal. Some of the more obscure demons inhabit the same vessels for centuries without showing any overt symptoms of degradation or rigor mortis, even if the body is clinically dead.
  • Cannibal Tendencies:
  • Thought Reading; When a demon makes eye contact with another person, the creature has in instant understanding of that person's innermost thoughts, hopes, and fears. This makes them exceptionally dangerous psychological opponents as they know the weaknesses, secrets, and pasts of anyone they see.

Exorcism Edit

  • Great Pentacle;
  • Purified Iron; Because of its purified constitution, raw iron - if forged into restrains such as chains or shackles - can render a demon both physically impotent as well as cancel their telekinetic abilities. The touch of iron is also painful to them; burning them, but without harming the host.
  • Purified Salt;
  • Blessed Water;

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