Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Worthless (Hebrew)
Angel of Enmity and Lawlessness
Beliar (Alternate Name)
King of Evil
Prince of Darkness
Gender Variable
Race Demon (Fallen Angel)
Faction Hell
Health Immortal
Level Arch Demon
Status Varies
Location Hell
Belial is a powerful demon who was counted among the rebel angels who fell with Satan following the latter's failed rebellion against God. He was once an angel of enmity responsible for overseeing battle and warfare upon the Earth from his place in Heaven. Belial is regarded as a prince of Hell and one of Satan's chief lieutenants alongside such demons as Azazel, Abaddon, Lilith and Beelzebub. He is described as a chief of demons and a herald of both wickedness and guilt unto mortals. As such, he is regarded as the literary embodiment of malicious worthlessness and petty lawlessness.