An Atlantean is an amphibious humanoid featured in the lore of DC Comics. Although indigenous to Atlantis, Atlanteans can be found beneath all of the Seven Seas. Believed to have been created by the primordial god Oceanus, Atlanteans have since taken to revering the god Poseidon.

As a society, Atlanteans hold to their theocratic monarchy. The mortal descendants of Poseidon within their ranks are held as the highest authority within the oceans. There is also an elite fighting force of warriors who serve as the royal guards to the noble family of the ocean.

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  • Amphibious Physiology: Made in the likeness of an ocean god, the Atlanteans are physiologically engineered to live seamlessly in the severe pressures, temperatures, and darkness of the sea. They can survive underwater and on land, although they will dehydrate and weaken if left without water for a day.
    • Increased Strength: As their muscles were developed to withstand the intense pressures of the deep sea, Atlanteans are significantly stronger than any surface dwellers - able to press the full weight of an average water-tower tank. Atlantean warriors are formidable against most superhuman opponents.
    • Superior Durability:
    • Enhanced Senses: The Atlantean senses of sight and hearing are particularly augmented. They can see clearly in complete darkness, allowing them to navigate sunless environments while underwater. Their hearing performs at the ultrasonic level, allowing them to perceive the vocalizations of whales.
    • Accelerated Swim:
  • Marine Life Telepathy:
  • Water Flow Influence:

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