"Archangels are fierce. They're absolute. They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon. The most fearsome wrath of Heaven."

Archangels are chief angels of high rank, and are the highest angels in the celestial hierarchy. They are basically generals in God's army. As chief angels, they have authority over all other angels and possess powers and responsibilities that lesser angels do not. The most powerful and the highest in rank archangel is Michael thus he is the highest ranking angel.

Archangels in Orthodox Judaism Edit

In Judaism as well as in Orthodox Judaism there is no such word as archangels. However there are the highest angels, usually four are recognized:Michael,Gabriel,Raphael,Uriel. In some sub-groups of Judaism it is believed that there are 7 archangels.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As chief angels and among the highest order of angels, Archangels possess nigh-supreme power that is right next to God Himself. These powers and abilities make Archangels among the most powerful supernatural beings in the universe. They can overpower and kill just about anything.

  • Immortality - Archangels possess an infinite lifespan and even when manifested, they possess youthful bodies and don't age another day.
    • Invulnerability - The Archangels are next to indestructible and cannot be killed by anything, unless its an archangel blade, another archangel or God.
    • Healing Factor- Archangels can heal almost instantly from injury.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence - As the first and highest order of angels, Archangels are endowed with almost incalculable power right under God Himself that makes them one of the most powerful beings in the universe. They can overpower anything and create almost anything out of thin air.
    • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, Archangels can possess humans but because they can manifest their own physical bodies to become corporal, they choose not to.
    • Biokinesis - By snapping or clicking their fingers, Archangels can make people and beings explode.
    • Chronokinesis - Archangels have more power and control over time than other angels.
    • Electrokinesis - Archangels can manifest electrical power.
    • Empathy - Archangels can understand the emotions of others.
    • Flight - Like all angels, Archangels possess a pair of large wings that allow them to fly.
    • Healing - Archangels can heal a human of any wound or disease they possess.
    • Implosion Smiting - Archangels have among the most powerful form of smiting that they can explode, or implode, humans, monsters, demons, and even other angels. Michael has the strongest ability to smite and his version of smiting is red.
    • Manifestation - Archangels can manifest human bodies for themselves.
    • Pyrokinesis - Archangels have the power to manipulate fire.
    • Reality Warping - Archangels have among the greatest degree of reality warping and their reality warping powers make them virtually omnipotent.
    • Illumination White Light - Archangels can unleash a powerful, overwhelming, divine white light from their hands that can obliterate entire buildings and destroy a number of beings in one place. Michael's version is the strongest and is red.
    • Superhuman Stamina - Archangels have unlimited stamina and need nothing to sustain themselves.
    • Supernatural Strength - Archangels are endowed with astronomical physical strength that makes them much stronger then humans, spirits, monsters, deities, demons, and other angels. Therefore, they are among the strongest beings in all of Creation. Michael is the strongest among them far outclassing all other archangels.
    • Super-speed
    • Thermokinesis - Archangels possess the power to alter temperature.
    • Terrakinesis - Archangels can cause powerful earthquakes.
    • Telekinesis - Archangels are among the most powerful telekinetic and can move just about anything with their minds.
    • Telepathy - Archangels the read the minds of humans, other angels, and monsters.
    • Teleportation - Archangels can travel virtually anywhere across the entire universe.
    • Weather Manipulation - Archangels have an unlimited control over the weather and can create rain, thunder storms, lightning strikes, and other weather effects.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Archangels possess an almost unlimited amount of knowledge of the Universe.
  • Skilled Fighters - As the highest warriors of heaven, Archangels are skilled warriors and trained fighters.
    • Trained Swordsmanship - Archangels are master swordsmen.

Known ArchangelsEdit

Many discussions were made because of archangel names. However,in Orthodox Judaism - the original Abrahamic religion four are recognized by name.

  • Michael is the very first oldest and highest ranking and most powerful archangel and angel under God's command. As a general in God's army, Michael commands the Holy Host of Heaven. During the War In Heaven, it was Michael who, under God's orders,being stronger battled and banished Lucifer. He was made by God extremely powerful and loyal as God's first creation and Michael respects God very much and is jealous on the account of God's authority among species. He is also the advocate of God's people.
  • Lucifer is the second archangel and the second creation. Once God's most beloved, beautiful, and glorious archangel, as well as his most trusted leiutenant, Lucifer eventually defied God, refusing to bow before humankind (God's new crowned creation), and waged a war against him and his fellow archangels, leading a rebellion known as the "War In Heaven." However, Lucifer being weaker than Michael and less skillful lost the war and was therefore cast out of Heaven for eternity. Known by many names on Earth, such as the Devil,Satan and the First of the Fallen, he currently rules the Underworld, or Hell, reigning over damned souls.
  • Gabriel is the third of the archangels and God's greatest messenger. He, like Michael, is a general in God's army. He is very powerful.
  • Azrael is the archangel of death and the oldest female angel in creation.
  • Raphael is God's strongest healer.
  • Uriel is the Archangel of war.
  • Samael is the venom of God.
  • Raguel is the archangel of Justice.
  • Zedkiel is the archangel of Freedom.
  • Ariel is the archangel of life and creation.
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